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The Cycle of Desire


The Cycle of Desire is the never-ending concept of want, have, and can’t have.

The challenge of desire is not that you can’t have it, it’s that you can’t keep it.

This video exhibit takes viewers beyond the limitations of the human eye, with infrared and thermal imaging on three dedicated screens for a truly immersive experience. Guided by the dynamics of nature & romance, the film becomes a case-study, a sample of what is attainable when chasing the euphoric visions in our head.


After a decade producing videos around North America and Paris, Zach returned to his hometown in the Adirondacks, a place where resourcefulness is the only way to have fun. But could the excitement he experienced elsewhere continue way out in the woods?

The Dry Campus project began with Zach returning to his roots making snowboard videos but also conveniently came about during a moment when he became bored with modern HD video cameras. So he got to filming and what began as a one season thing quickly turned into a trilogy of snowboard videos. The exhibit consists of 4 years of footage from those years on a secluded lakeside canvas.

Artist Statement

Zach Surp is a video artist and musician from the Adirondack region of New York. His video projections have been featured in Paris, Sydney and Budapest. He doesn't just tell stories of his surroundings, he creates them.

“I'm aiming to do the opposite of making people aware of the problems in this world but instead reminding them that life’s beauty is worth chasing.” - Z