CNY Arts, Inc.


Black Artist Collective: Paired Pieces 15th Ward Exhibition

January 19th - March 10th at Gallery Hours

In this exhibition, four established professional artists mentored four talented student artists, embarking on a creative journey that explores the history of the 15th Ward's destruction and its lasting impact. 

Through a series of prompt questions, the exhibition encourages viewers to contemplate the consequences of this historical event: What are the enduring effects of the 15th Ward's destruction? How does this impact resonate within the City of Syracuse today? What are our collective aspirations for a reparative future?

"Paired Pieces" presents diverse perspectives, artistic styles, and mediums. Each artist contributed their unique visions, inviting viewers to reflect on the past, engage with the present, and envision a future characterized by inclusivity and restoration. More than just an exhibitions the past and consider the impact of fostering healing and understanding. It serves as a collective call to action, urging us to embrace empathy, initiate meaningful dialogues, and collaborate toward a future where every voice is heard and every story acknowledged.