601 Tully
601 Tully is an artist-driven project that houses an international gallery, an artist residency program, free art workshops, a monthly poetry series, and much more. All of our art education, and ecology programs are offered free to the public and grow out of a partnership between university, city, and neighborhood entities. The building is a living sculpture where artists, community members, and scholars engage in the coproduction of new culture.

The 601 design team, led by Prof. and Artist Marion Wilson, existed within a Syracuse University course called “Social Sculpture: 601 Design/Build.” The building was an abandoned residence that had become a neighborhood drug hub. The college class (students from the School of Architecture, Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Creative Writing, ESF, and Fowler HS) was responsible for re-zoning, re-designing, re-building, and eventually sustaining the program. 601 Tully opened to the public in June 2011.