Zoom 4 Week - Ink & Watercolor for Cards, Sketches or Visual Journals 2/14 , 2/21, 3/7, 3/14

Workshop with Mary P. Murphy

Sketching with ink and watercolor is a flexible way to create small artworks, like greeting cards, a visual journal or small sketches. It’s easy to set up, transport and store, so you can create art daily and anywhere you want without a lot of fuss -- plus it’s fun and often not as demanding as creating a formal larger scale painting. Plus, you can create a meaningful journal (a picture is worth a thousand words) or a lovely greeting card to share with a special friend.

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate; some drawing experience required

Objective: Students will learn to create their own ink and watercolor sketches in the form of greeting cards, small sketches or a journal using pen & ink and watercolor on watercolor greeting card stationery, sketchbook or paper.

There will be four Zoom sessions focusing respectively on drawing, inking and watercolor. Teaching will be primarily through demonstration and lecture; students can share optional homework assignments through an online platform for my feedback (platform to be determined).