Hudson Valley artist, Joe Radoccia’s painted portraits pay homage to LGBTQ elders.

The oversized portraits in this exhibition represent our hard won freedom to be present, to be as out and visible and large as we want to be. The scale acknowledges the magnitude of the About-Face in attitudes and acceptance that has unfolded in the 50 years since Stonewall. They claim space in an open environment that did not exist when we were born, that did not exist for most of our lives, and that many of us thought we would never live to experience.

But these paintings are also personal, About Faces, our faces, and our individuality. As elders our faces become maps of our experiences, of what we have endured. The vulnerability of a work on paper, the intricacy of the mark making, and the way these come together form portraits that mirror the delicate complexity of the negotiated paths that made us who we are today.

This exhibit is intended as an invitation to enter an intimate conversation with LGBTQ elders, with a few younger voices. And to pause, for a visual musing on the passing of time and our unfolding changes.