Adult Art Classes

DAYS: Tue., Wed., Thur.

TIMES: 10am-12pm or 6:30-8:30pm


SAVE! When signing up as an ongoing student you save $50 annually!

  • All painting and drawing mediums are offered.
  • Most supplies are included.
  • Flexible scheduling is a bonus when you decide that you want to continue past the 4 week trial period.
  • Sign up with this ticket by choosing your start date for a 4 week trial
  • (4 consecutive weekly classes)

Simply choose your start date, submit your fee and you are on your way!!

(Offered ongoing-year-round/ cancel anytime)

Receive hands-on instruction from the best in Syracuse! You will feel right at home as soon walk through the door. The first class is a simple and fun assessment to help you see the best place to start. We help you choose ideas, techniques and styles that will best meet your creative goals. Each class offers an amazing experience and truly wonderful connections with ongoing students, some who have been at home here for over a decade. We love our little art families!

Endless Opportunities to Learn / all mediums taught during all class time listed:

Painting: watercolor, acrylic, oils, mixed media, collage, pastel, inks, oil pastel and more...

Drawing: very beginner - professional levels, pencil, pastel, charcoal, pen & ink, marker, colored pencil...

Students set the pace. Students choose to focus on skill building or relaxation or social benefits of LAC art studio. Teens can prep for college or engage in social art. Adults love the music and relaxing atmosphere. Some students go on to sell and exhibit their art while others continue on to enjoy being part of a creative community. Whatever your intention is, we offer plenty of support and guidance. We offer instruction in many ways that support the diversity in our classes. If you want to design a structured learning course, we can support that in every way and even give homework assignments to build your skills! If you are looking for help on a single project or style, we have the class you're looking for. It's not your average art class. Feel free to call and ask questions or email us:

No long term commitment Try it out for 4 weeks!

  • It's only a month-to-month commitment with no extra fees for ongoing (see policy page)
  • Learn to draw or paint in any medium. You choose the subject, style and medium
  • Beginners are warmly welcomed! The first class offers a skill assessment to discover your current skill level and how we can help you explore the arts without fear of judgement.
  • Have fun, relax and play with some color, line and texture! There's no place like a
  • If you're an art student already or an artist returning to your craft, we can offer advanced instruction and portfolio prep. Learn more by calling our instructor anytime (315)234-9333