The CLD &J Library Art Gallery is honored to feature the works of Michael Sickler in March and April of 2020. Located in the hallway outside The Vault teen space, our Art in the Library Gallery is dedicated to enriching the experience of our library patrons by providing a space for high-quality art from local working artists in a diverse range of styles, themes, and media.

Michael Sickler's unique mixed media show is a layered and textural experience. As he puts it, "Our world is parceled out to us in sound bites. Bits and pieces of information seem disjointed and random but are strangely related. Our mind organizes things associatively...Conceptually, I've become very interested in fragments or accidents. I'll select some things which, in and of themselves might be considered 'artless,' not worthy so to speak. A scribble, no mater how sparse or little, a reproduction of a skirt, a dress, pattern, shoe, handbag, all cut out of Peterman catalogs among other things to produce a 'what-is-that' sensibility. These 'unskilled' quality along with the beautiful coupled with a child's scribble excite me, and it's here my paintings bump into my poetry and shape each other."