Jerome Witkin is one of the most important figurative painters alive today.

This next exhibition at ArtRage Gallery features new work on a variety of challenging themes such as addiction, homelessness, war, genocide, and the migrant crisis.

Jerome Witkin, who after studying art in both the U.S. and Europe, became a professor of art at Syracuse University in 1971.

John Handley, Director of the Stephen Austin University Art Galleries, writes “Witkin’s art is not for the faint of heart. Although he renders in pencil and paint as skillfully and theatrically as Caravaggio or Rembrandt – he is a master of drama and light – his work often carries the blunt force of a wartime journalist.”

His biographer, Sherry Chayat, once noted that when Witkin enters his studio, “…he leaps into the dark realm of political repression, the Holocaust, the private wars of domesticity, the collision of recurrent nightmares and the evening news.”

His work is included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Uffizi, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Hirshhorn Museum.