Ellen M. Blalockhas spent her lifetime telling stories. As a former photographer andvideographer for The Post-Standard in Syracuse, she told other people’s story.Starting in 2000, she began telling her own stories in quilts.

“I callmyself a narrative artist because I work with the oral history of my family andthe community,” she said. “I even created my version of a story from mythology.For example, the M’dusa quilt gives my version of Medusa and connects her storyto the African goddess, Mami Wata.”

“NarrativeQuilts,” an exhibition of Blalock’s quilts from 2000 to 2019 at theSchweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY, tells the story of her family, from babyquilts to her current series, “Spirit Trees” and “Holes.” The exhibit will beon display through Jan. 5, 2020.