The New York State Fair has a poetry contest every year and winners are displayed at the Arts Building. The fair has two age categories with two different fees. Winners receive different prize money, ribbons, tickets to the fair, parking passes, and winners and finalist are invited to read their poems at the fair in the Arts building, in the music room where they have the organ music.There are rules to entering the contest, plus you need to submit an official entry form with your poem. The space of the poem is limited to 40 lines including spaces. There are two different categories of types of poems: One category is New York State symbols like the state bird (Bluebird), state tree (Maple), state fish, state flower, etc; the other is an open category.

There are two age groups for both poetry categories: One for children; and one for adults. They have different fees.

The rules, forms will be listed on the New York State Competition page. Scroll down to "Arts", then look for "Poetry".

The deadline for submission is July 1, 2020.