What happens when the King and his lords decide to give up the company of women for three years in order to concentrate on their studies? Puns-a-plenty, promises made & promises broken and so much fun in what is considered one of Shakespeare's "problem comedies" because it is a comedy but doesn't have the usual happy ending. Written just after the English defeated the Spanish Armada the Spanish nobleman is mercilessly ridiculed to everyone's delight.

We have three kinds of tickets for the virtual show:

Free - no cost to you & you get an invitation to the show;

Donation - $5 minimum to support our vital work with kids, seniors and all CNY'ers & you get an invitation to the show;

Premium - Only $25- A premium ticket includes $12 worth of self-selected food from Beer Belly Deli, a cold bottle of water, a color copy of the playbill and a Gannon's Ice Cream token to redeem at your leisure. If you prefer not to pick up your order it will be delivered to your door 15 minutes before showtime for a slight additional charge. You will be asked to provide a cell phone # for food coordination. You will get an invitation to the show.
Go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/881494595682343/ for more details.