A walk in the woods is a multi-sensory experience created by the varied textures and layers of the environment. From micro to macro scale we are bombarded by the combined visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory event. View Art Center wants to recreate the impression of these sensory experiences in our inter-connected galleries. We are looking for artists’ responses to the textures and layers of the woods.

Juror of Selection and Awards: Susan Behrens

Susan Behrens is a nationally exhibited artist. Recent awards include 1st place in Natural Homes: Nests, Burrows, Caves and Trees at View Arts and 1st place at the Artragious Bird Exhibit in Whitewater, WI.

My paintings begin in a playful manner with paints, shapes and marks. Layers build up and are later scraped back to reveal what is hidden beneath the surface. Textures and shapes find their way to the surface allowing my paintings to evolve naturally. I am attracted to the organic textures, materials and life forms that nature offers. Not knowing what the final outcome will be when I begin a painting is exciting. Being surprised at the outcome brings me great joy. This is a creative process that demands experimentation, playfulness, focus and attention. It teaches me trust, patience and awareness. For me, painting is both liberating and calming. I love the process and delight in the outcome. – Sue Behrens