View, the Center for Arts and Culture located in Old Forge, New York, announces its 2019 fiber art exhibits: 2019 KeepingWith Traditions: Star, Fiber Works, Katonah-ish, and It’s a Mystery! These four exhibitions, which are part of View’s 2019Quilts Unlimited Exhibition, are based on the heart of quilting traditions throughout the ages. These shows will be displayed from September 28th to November 2nd.

The exhibition series, Keeping with Traditions, is dedicated to quilting’s traditional patchwork origins, focusing on a star theme.

FiberWorks is an exhibition featuring a group of committed fiber artists sharing the common interest of expanding the boundaries of their creativity by exchanging ideas, influences, and experiences. The pieces on display cover a wide range of techniques, from close relationships to traditional quilt.

Katonah-ish is an exhibition by a small art group that enjoy making slice quilts but challenges themselves with a different approach. Working from an old drawing and new photographs, they sliced the main street of Katonah, NY into 6 sections and created their own versions of familiar buildings in this quaint community with a unique history.

it's a Mystery! exhibition is from the Old Forge Pointed Pine Quilters, who were engaged in a Mystery Quilt Project in the beginning of 2019. “With a mystery Quilt you only know, from the instructions given to you, the yardage required and whether you need to select lights, mediums or darks,” the group said. “The design is revealed to you, step by step, until the big reveal in the final step.”

View is located at 3273 State Route 28 in Old Forge, New York. To learn more aboutView events and exhibitions, visit, or call (315) 369-6411.

Images for exhibitions: 2019 Keeping WithTraditions: Star, Fiber Works, Katonah-ish, It’s a Mystery!