View, the Center for Arts and Culture located in Old Forge, New York, will house a solo exhibition by the very talented Amanda Besl called, Wrapped in Plastic, Botanical Paintings, from October 26th to January 11th, 2020.

This body of recent work depicts the paradox of preservation and suffocation. Remnants of botanical debris are visible through the translucent ‘skin’ of the plastic that contains them. These culled, severed bodies appear suspended in an ambiguous matrix, possessing a quasi-fetishistic nature while simultaneously suggesting some darker, possibly arbitrary form of curation.

The artist likens this hierarchy of selection — an essential activity in gardening — to America’s current turbulent political climate, in which distinctions become lost in confusion and distortion. Nothing held in stasis can exist indefinitely without evolution or stagnation. Also, the titles reference R.E.M. songs. This group’s use of music as a platform for social change was influential while creating this body of work.

View is located at 3273 State Route 28 in Old Forge, New York. To learn more about View programming, visit, or call (315) 369-6411.

Image: Corrosives Do Their Magic Slowly by Amanda Besl