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Grant Review Process

Grant Review Process

All CNY Arts grant awards are made through a competitive peer panel review process. A panel comprised of artists, arts administrators, and community leaders review each project on the basis of its own merits and against others in the application pool. Limited funds are available and priority will be given to applications that meet the specific program criteria published within these guidelines.

Learn more about what happens to your application once you submit it to CNY Arts. Here are the steps of the journey that your application takes.

Guidelines Available: 

All CNY Arts application guidelines are made available on the CNY Arts website. 

Technical Assistance & Informational Grant Seminars:

CNY Arts offers a wide variety of technical assistance opportunities through free grant informational seminars and webinars to one-on-one meetings with CNY Arts staff to discuss and/or review your application. View our schedule of upcoming Informational Seminars & Webinars.

Application Submitted

Applications that meet the deadline are assigned an application number. Applicant receives acknowledgment of application receipt via email. 

Staff Review

CNY Arts staff reviews each application for basic eligibility and completeness. Staff may contact applicants if questions arise through Submittable.

For some grant programs, CNY Arts conducts a Financial Review using an outside certified public accountant (CPA) to review the organization's financials for fiscal health and stability. CNY Arts will send questions for applicants to respond to from the Financial Reviewer. 

Eligible applications are then shared with panelists several weeks before the panel meeting.

Panel Review

Panels are made up of experts with knowledge and experience in the communities and artistic disciplines represented in the applicant pool. Panelists evaluate and rate all applications submitted to CNY Arts and must be residents or work in Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, or Oswego counties. Panelists are appointed by the CNY Arts Board of Directors. Panelists are selected June through September to serve in the fall of 2020. Panelists paid a $50 stipend to participate. Panelists cannot serve more than three consecutive years.

If you're interested in serving on a panel, learn more about Being a Panelist.

CNY Arts Board Review 

Panelist recommendations are then presented to the CNY Arts Board of Directors of which applications to fund and which applications to reject. The Board will then make the final decision on the grant awards.