CNY Arts, Inc.


Marketing for Economic Development

2022 Application Deadline: Monday, September 19, 2022, by 12:00 PM (noon)

*Applications must be completed and submitted online through Submittable via 

Who May Apply: Nonprofit organizations located in Onondaga County

Award Amount$2,500 to $17,500

Project PeriodSeptember 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 


Eligible Applicants

  • Only nonprofit organizations or NYS incorporated nonprofits with a permanent address in Onondaga County may apply. This includes organizations that receive County funding through CNY Arts Programs (General Operating Support or Tier Three Funding);
  • Organizations with a marketable aspect of public work;
  • Must be able to demonstrate the capacity to execute the intended project, as well as provide status updates and reports on the results in a timely fashion

Ineligible Applicants

  • Agencies of Onondaga County (including libraries);
  • Applicants outside of Onondaga County;
  • Educational Institutions and Schools or Educational Foundations;
  • Radio or television broadcasting networks or stations;
  • Cable communication companies;
  • Newspapers or magazines;
  • Organizations engaged solely in the acquisition or restoration of physical property;
  • For-profit businesses;
  • Organizations fewer than three years old

Project Expenses

Please direct all questions regarding expense eligibility to the Regrants Program Staff.

Ineligible Expenses

            Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Any expenses not directly related to proposed marketing plan
  • Activities not open to the public e.g., activities restricted to an organization's membership;
  • Competitions or contests;
  • Expenses related to any programming outside of Onondaga County
  • Fundraising events (i.e., galas, receptions or benefits, etc.);
  • Entertainment costs such as food and drink;
  • Accumulated deficits and debt reductions;
  • General Operating expenses;
  • Requests that are greater than 20% of an organization’s total operating budget
  • Capital requests for equipment, design, feasibility studies, or construction

Application Questions

  • Applicant Profile: Contact information and overview of organization, including Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). Funding history with CNY Arts.
  • Marketing Plan: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan, including details such as what is being promoted, prices, the event(s) involved, specific promotion channels and media outlets, audiences targeted (local and regional), geographic reaches, goals, and timelines. This also includes how the CNY Arts Calendar will be utilized in promotion efforts.
  • Fall Event(s)/Season Overview: Summary of what is being promoted, including dates, location(s), and event details.
  • Additional Support Materials

Required Documents

  • Events/Fall Lineup;
  • Project Marketing Plan;
  • Project Marketing Budget;
  • Work Samples of Proposed Artist(s);
  • Press Clippings/Marketing Materials, Letters of Support, Packaging Information (optional)

Applications will be scored on a 15-point rubric with three scoring criteria:

  • Artistic/ Programmatic Merit (5 points):
    • Artistic/programmatic ability to serve as a tourism generator or reach new audiences
    • Quality and innovation of artistic experience(s)
    • Non-duplication of comparable existing services/programs regionally, statewide and/or beyond

  • Feasibility (5 points):
    • Managerial competence and expertise; fiscal health
    • Project feasibility and ability for applicant to meet clearly defined and realistic goals
    • Capacity for agency to execute project as proposed and meet/surpass outlined goals
    • Clear and achievable outreach/marketing tactics for specific target audiences

  • Marketing & Promotional Effectiveness (5 points):
    • Innovative, comprehensive, and effective marketing strategies and promotional tactics above and beyond regular marketing for the organization(s)to reach new and out-of-county audiences
    • Established partnerships and collaborations with businesses, promoters, CVBs/DMOs, hotels/motels, event facilities and other organizations/artists
    • How the agency uses and promotes the CNY Arts Event Calendar and/or the Visit Syracuse Event Calendar (All CNY Arts funded agencies are required to use the CNY Arts Event Calendar)

  • Geographic Diversity: Priority points will be given to projects that take place outside of Downtown Syracuse