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Onondaga Tier Three Support
CNY Arts, Inc.


Onondaga Tier Three Support

 Application DeadlineRolling | Next Round: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 by 11:59 PM 

*Applications must be completed and submitted online through Submittable via cnyarts.submittable.com. 

Who May ApplyEligible tier-two or tier-three nonprofit organizations in Onondaga County  

Award Amount$1,000 - $2,500 

Project PeriodJanuary 1 – December 31, 2021 

Priority will be given to nonprofit organizations where more than 50% of their operations are arts and culture related. 


  • Agencies NOT currently eligible for General Operating Support 
  • Meet the requirements for Tier Two or Tier Three agencies 
  • Must have a permanent address located Onondaga county 
  • Nonprofit organizations, NYS incorporated nonprofits, agencies of local government (not New York State agencies) 
  • Organizations that demonstrate the capacity to execute intended projects, as well as provide status updated and report on results in a timely fashion 


  • Agencies of Onondaga County (including libraries) 
  • Educational institutions, schools, educational foundations 
  • Radio or television broadcasting networks or stations, cable communications systems 
  • Newspapers and magazines 
  • Organizations engaged solely in the acquisition or restoration of physical property 
  • Agencies that receive Onondaga County funds from any source 
  • Applicants with outstanding final reports from prior year CNY Arts grants 
  • Applicants outside of Onondaga County 



  • Administrative and overhead expenses 
  • Artist fees for performing, teaching, or providing services 
  • Marketing/publicity costs 
  • Supplies and materials 
  • Travel expenses 
  • Rental or purchase of equipment 
  • Space Rental, Lease, Mortgage 
  • Consultant Fees / Contractor Fees 


Funding will not be provided for the items listed below. By including ineligible expenses in your budget or narrative, you may disqualify your application from funding consideration. 

  • Any activity that takes place outside of the county where the applicant is registered 
  • Operating expenses of privately owned facilities 
  • Events that take place in private homes or studios 
  • Cash prizes, educational scholarships, fellowships, awards to students 
  • Regrants by applicants to fund other activities 
  • Camps, clubs or activities restricted to the general public 
  • Activities that raise funds for another organization, individual or cause 
  • Programs in which children are used as professional artists (paid a fee) 
  • Projects that are recreational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, or religious in nature including at-risk/social service programs when the purpose is primarily for rehabilitation, therapy or worship 
  • Lobbying and advocacy-related expenses 
  • Debt servicing 
  • Contingency funds


The maximum allowable project request from each applicant is $2,500. The minimum is $1,000 (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for the minimum). Applicants may submit one request. 

Tier Three Project Support may fund up to 100% of the proposed cash budget up to a maximum of 

$2,500, but no more than 25% of the annual operating budget of the agency. There is no cap on administrative costs. 


  1. Application Snapshot: Submit important details about your proposed project including: project summary, artistic discipline, audience information. 
  2. Applicant Profile: Submit general information including: contact information, electoral district numbers, funding history, budget size, organizational mission. 
  3. Project Narrative: Describe in detail the essentials of your request and how you plan to carry it out successfully. Include description/activities, project timeline, audience & engagement, community involvement & support, marketing & outreach, evaluation, key artists/personnel as applicable. 
  4. Project Locations: Submit information on location venues, dates, venue, as applicable. 
  5. Project Budget: List your project income sources, expenses, and in-kind contributions (upload as attachment). 
  6. Support Materials (Required Documents): Upload or provide web links to samples of past or current work and required documentation. Include written details for each sample. 
  7. Certification of Application: verify the information in the application form. 

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by an independent panel composed of Onondaga County business leaders, academics, and arts professionals. Panelists will review applications based on the primary panel criteria (below) and competitively against the applicant pool. 

Applications must be completed and submitted online through Submittable via cnyarts.submittable.com. For assistance, please reference the Submittable Users Guide or register for a Submittable Webinar or Seminar. 

We strongly recommend that you view the Online Application Form and instructions in advance and maintain a backup copy of your responses in a separate document offline. Once you have submitted the form, you will NOT be able to make changes or resubmit. 

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after submittal. If you do not receive one, your application has NOT been successfully received and may not be considered for funding. 

All grant applications are reviewed for completeness and then sent to the respective panels. All applications are evaluated and scored according to the criteria listed below and must demonstrate a sufficient level of competency within each criteria.

Please make sure your application adequately addresses each of these criteria: Artistic Merit, Community Impact, and Feasibility for a maximum score of 15 points. 

ARTISTIC/PROGRAMMATIC EXCELLENCE (5 points): quality of artistic samples and credentials of artists or personnel; project design; audience experience; innovation and diversity of arts experiences. 


SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC (5 points): service to underserved area/population; collaboration/partnership with other organizations, artists, businesses; cultural diversity in programming; consideration of community needs/interests; accessibility (financial or physical); non-duplication of comparable existing services/programs; community involvement and support. 


FEASIBILITY & MANAGERIAL COMPETENCE (5 points): overall clarity of project proposal; reasonable plan for implementation; applicant’s demonstrated ability to implement project; realistic proposal based on personnel, budget and timeline; effectiveness of plan for promotion and outreach to target audience(s). 

  • Proof of Nonprofit Status 
  • Board of Directors and Organizational Chart and/or Staff List 
  • Organizational Financial Statement for your most recently completed fiscal year 
  • Annual Organizational Projected Budget for current fiscal year 
  • Bio/Resume of Key Artist(s) 
  • Project Budget Template 
  • Sign and adhere to the terms of the project contract (funding agreement) 
  • Conduct all funded activities as described in your Project Narrative and application 
  • Immediately notify CNY Arts in writing regarding any changes to your project including: times, dates, locations, admission fees, artists hired, or activities conducted. All changes to funded projects are subject to approval by CNY Arts. 
  • Prominently and correctly credit the grant funding: “This project was made possible with funds from the County of Onondaga through the Tier Three Project Support Program administered by CNY Arts” 
  • Credit language should be accompanied by the CNY Arts and County of Onondaga logos (found here). 
  • Provide CNY Arts with an advance schedule of all funded events and copies of promotional materials 
  • Provide CNY Arts with complimentary tickets for all funded events that require tickets 
  • Submit a final report within 30 days of the completion of the last funded event of the project.