Inspired to work on your own project? For artists and students with pottery experience interested in working independently without instruction, our Clay Studio is available to use on a monthly and drop-in basis. Open to ages 15 and up. A short orientation is required prior to using the studio unless you have taken a clay class at the Art Center.


Use of Clay Studio is free for students enrolled in an ongoing class in the Clay Studio.

Monthly fees include use of glazes, community tools and tables in Clay Studio and room outside studio. Firing fees are additional. Firing fees are “$1/mug size” for a bisque firing and “$1/mug size” for glaze firing. $1 extra per 6 extra inches in height.  Drop-in students are charged for firing on a per piece basis ("$1/mug size" fees apply). 

Clay is available for purchase in a 50lb box or 25lb bag. Note that clay used in the Clay Studio must be purchased through the Art Center. This allows us to reclaim clay and to minimize problems in kiln firings.  Exceptions possible if approved by a Clay Studio teacher.