Bring your body and mind back to basics with the Kirkland Art Center’s The Rhythm in You this October. Join our experienced, certified drum facilitators Teresa Dunn and Kelly Yacco in this exciting one day only workshop for an afternoon of creative expression, positivity, and relaxation. Rhythm based Drum Circles utilize hand drums to empower a community of participants with the ability to create spontaneous music. Drumming as part of a group is a kinesthetic activity that involves everyone, regardless of musical experience or ability! 

*Places you in a positive state
*Induces deep relaxation
*Helps control pain
*Boosts your immune system
*Creates a sense of connectedness
*Drumming allows you to flow with the rhythms of life by simply feeling the beat
*Releases negative feelings
*Stimulates deep thinking and puts you in the present moment
*Drumming stimulates creative expression
** Test anxiety – Drumming brings the mind and body back to “baseline”

We will be offering member discounts as well as an early-bird discount to participants who sign up before October 10th.