For this exhibition, ArtRage sought out local elder women activists; all are 80 years or older. Still the One addresses urgent questions: what exactly is “activism” and where do we find it? What and who have we lost sight of? What endures? What will get us safely home again? We are seeking the wisdom of these elders in a troubled and urgent moment, going back to the source or back to the well; seeking to recognize those who persisted and endured and made a difference.

Twenty-six Central New York women were selected to be honored in this way: Arlene Abend, Pat Bergan, Carol Berrigan, Dolores Brule, Joan N. Burstyn, Marjorie Dey Carter, Ruth Johnson Colvin, Amy Doherty, Lula Donald, Jane Feld, Annette Guisbond, Geneva Hayden, Fumiyo (Miyo) Hirano, Charlotte (Chuckie) Holstein, Joyce Homan, Joyce Jones, Martha Holly Loew, Marian Miller, Nancy Sullivan Murray, Julienne Oldfield, Frances M. Parks, Dorothy (Dotty) Pearl, Margaret Rusk, Betty Bone Schiess, Ann Tiffany and Mary Ann Zeppetello.

A photographer for 25 years, Douglas Lloyd has focused on wet plate processing since 2014. Wet plate collodion photography was invented in 1851 and widely revived in recent years for the detail and loveliness of its images. Still the One finds a perfect fit between method and subject; one which values age and history.

Presented with funding from the CNY Community Foundation