Ages 18 + up / Intermediate + Advanced 


Michael Fujita | Pratt Institute Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramics | michaelfujita.com

Veronica Byun | MWPAI Coordinator + Instructor of Ceramics | veronicabyun.com

This summer's workshop explores form, function, aesthetic values, textures, tactile qualities, and surface development of atmospheric firing through salt and wood. Works will be made from start to finish during the workshop. Participants develop a contemporary and historic understanding of the unique qualities and processes of salt- and wood-firing and learn to work with the ancient processes of theAnagama kiln. The resulting colors and textures are totally unique to the process and to each fire.

Nurture and grow your personal aesthetic. Step outside the ordinary and live in the extraordinary in this exceptional two-week experience of creating clay works, decorating, and firing with salt and wood on the MWPAI and PrattMWP campus.