Urban Video Project, a program of Light Work, is pleased to announce “UVP Summer Review 2018."  Through early September, UVP will feature all of the works exhibited during their 2017-2018 program year, which explored ideas of community, intimacy, alienation, and belonging. This year's review boasts exhibitions by Sune Woods, Kevin Jerome Everson, Eva Marie Rødbro, Keren Shavit and Ben Russell. 

This is a great opportunity for locals who missed one of this year’s exhibitions or tourists visiting the area to enjoy a truly unique experience of sound and image at UVP’s one-of-a-kind outdoor architectural projection venue during our lovely Syracuse summer. 

All exhibitions will run Thursday through Saturday from dusk to 11 p.m., except on nights that are part of the Everson Summer Film Under the Stars film screening schedule. UVP exhibitions are projected onto the north façade of the Everson Museum of Art and can be viewed from the Onondaga County community plaza, adjacent to the Everson Museum of Art, 401 Harrison St., Syracuse, N.Y.