This BTG musical is based on a diverse group of six students competing for the incredibly joyous and life achieving moment of  becoming  spelling bee champ. Through the hysterical dialogue and improv scenes, audience members will be asked to participate as guest spellers, the audience will be musically entertained as each character expresses the joys, struggles and embarrassment of growing up.  Audience members can expect to feel the embarrassment twisting in their stomachs, while laughing at it during the exact moment. With the vivid and emotionally charged book by Rachel Sheinkin and  the vibrant music by William Finn this spelling bee will be undeniable memorable.

Featuring a cast with a variety of theater accolades, there is no question that this talented group will win over every audience. The cast includes local favorites: Christy Ashby, Josh Mele, Cameron Walker, Jennifer Pearson, Dan Williams, Ceara Windhausen, Natasia White, Kilian Crowley, and Ryan Sparkes.