The Society for New Music is partnering with The MOST in premiering “Larger Than Us” and performing “The Astronaut’s Tale”. This program is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of America’s Apollo 8 mission to the lunar orbit which served as a precursor to the mission that gave the world the first man on the moon  (and now the New Horizons mission that just passed Ultima Thule, 4.5 billion years old & referenced in the opera). This unique program (especially designed for students), highlights the marvels of space exploration and the latest in music and technology.

SUNY-Oswego Paul Leary’s “Larger Than Us” is for chamber ensemble with electronics and video, while “The Astronaut’s Tale,” by American composer Charles Fussell, is a staged chamber opera with visuals, a 21st century update to Igor Stravinsky’s 20th century classic, “The Soldier’s Tale”.