Join the playtime to make music with Paul Leary's computerized musical bicycle wheels and anvil at 2pm near the Hubble exhibit, followed by a 3pm open dress rehearsal of “Larger Than Us” nearby in the food court plus a panel comprised of Prof. Peter Saulson (S.U. Physics & Astronomy), Peter Plumley (MOST Chief Program Officer) and Paul Leary -- followed by a Q/A.  Saulson is a music lover and one of the 1000 people (LIGO) who worked for years on detecting gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein in his theory of general relativity (ripples in space-time), but never proven. Saulson worked with lead researcher Rainer Weiss on the project while at MIT in the 1980s, and continued on the project when he was hired  at S.U. (Weiss, now a Nobel prize winner, is also an avid classical music lover.) This is for curious people of all ages.   LOOK TO THE STARS!