Mother and Daughter Art Exhibit by Artisans Barbara Green and Bernie Green.

Barbara(the daughter!)  started weaving baskets in 2007 after participating in a workshop to make an Adirondack Pack Basket. She now leads workshops of her own. “I am proud of my craft. Weaving gives me the ability to be creative, while creating something functional” she said. She finds the craft challenging but also relaxing. 

According to Bernie,(the Mom!)  her birdhouse pursuits,  aptly named Kindle Wood Crafts, are  “a hobby that started out of sheer boredom and piles of kindling wood scraps that were given to me for my always ‘hungry” wood stove. As I sorted through the scraps, I decided that some were too nice to burn and my creative mind saw potential for log cabin birdhouses. After a few trials, I finally got the hang of it and kept going.”  Bernie hopes you will enjoy her ‘little homes” as much as she did creating them.