Alliance Classical Players (of the RCCB)
Alliance Classical Players is the chamber music ensemble of the Rome Community Concert Band (RCCB). Co-founded in 2005 by Romans Kristin Kelly and Colleen O’Neil, the RCCB presented outdoor summer band concerts in Rome from 2006-2013. During the summers of 2014-2016, the RCCB sponsored chamber music concerts at venues including Jervis Library and Rome Art and Community Center. The Alliance Octet, a traditional wind octet consisting of pairs of oboes, clarinets, bassoons and French horns, was a frequent performing group on the summer concerts at Jervis and RACC. Having been enthusiastically received by audiences, and recognizing a need to provide more chamber music concert opportunities in Rome, Alliance Octet has expanded into Alliance Classical Players, utilizing a variety of musicians outside that of the standard octet. Alliance Classical Players has now established a chamber music series, with concerts held at Rome Art and Community Center, to provide high quality, affordable chamber music concert experiences for Romans. The "Classical at the Center" series concerts are held in the rooms of RACC's beautiful mansion, and feature food, drinks and mingling over music meant for an intimate chamber setting. ACP recently began a new opportunity for musical youth titled "Classical Youth Chamber Music Festival," presented over a one-week period in the summer, and designed to encourage teen musicians to play and enjoy chamber music.