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Ryan Wood

Tags: public art, Sculpture, Art Gallery, Art Park, Local Artists, Community Arts, Pop Up Art, Civic Engagement, civic art, Murals

40 Below Public Arts Task Force
The mission of the 40 Below Public Arts Task Force (PATF) is to cultivate a culture of public art in Syracuse. PATF serves as a catalyst for projects by identifying, initiating and integrating public art throughout the city of Syracuse. The PATF provides a medium for community members, artists and art enthusiasts to create public projects, beautify Syracuse and promote vibrant, desirable communities and partners with artists and organizations to provide the tools and resources needed to bring creative projects and events to life.
601 Tully Street
Syracuse, NY, 13204
Melissa Gardiner

Tags: Social Sculpture

601 Tully
601 Tully is an artist-driven project that houses an international gallery, an artist residency program, free art workshops, a monthly poetry series, and much more. All of our art education, and ecology programs are offered free to the public and grow out of a partnership between university, city, and neighborhood entities. The building is a living sculpture where artists, community members, and scholars engage in the coproduction of new culture.

The 601 design team, led by Prof. and Artist Marion Wilson, existed within a Syracuse University course called “Social Sculpture: 601 Design/Build.” The building was an abandoned residence that had become a neighborhood drug hub. The college class (students from the School of Architecture, Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Creative Writing, ESF, and Fowler HS) was responsible for re-zoning, re-designing, re-building, and eventually sustaining the program. 601 Tully opened to the public in June 2011.
601 Tully 601 Tully Street ● Syracuse, NY 13204

Tags: Painting, Music, Synesthetic Art

Abisay Puentes
Abisay Puentes, a Cuban artist making his paintings transcend the two-dimensional space by creating sound to his paintings. The format of that sound is a composed symphonic piece for each painting. This way people can hear his painting and see his music. His synesthetic art aims to captivate the senses of the public through his artistic symbolism.
Bob Greene

Tags: Interactive, Murder Mystery, Dinner Theatre

ACME Mystery Company
Based out of Syracuse, New York, ACME provides interactive comedies in a mystery format, usually in conjunction with a dinner. Our shows play on two levels: they are extremely funny and fun to watch but there also is a very real mystery which each audience member gets the chance to solve. At every seat is a program telling you where you are, when you are, and who you are. It also tells you about the characters you will be meeting. Additionally, each table is given a Clue and encouraged to exchange this information with other tables in an effort to put together the most comprehensive list so as to better solve the mystery.

We write all of our own material to ensure quality and have been entertaining audiences throughout the Northeast since 1997. We've given over 1000 performances in venues big and small from mansions to restaurants, hotels to local halls. We entertain at regular venues, semi-regular venues, annual events, and special occasions

Tags: Photography, filmmaking, Playwriting, Freelance Videography, Film Criticism, Directing

Adam Sweeney
Adam Sweeney is a local filmmaking based out of Oswego, NY.
8211 State Rt 12
Barneveld, NY, 13304
Brian Herkel

Tags: Art Gallery, custom framing, Exhibitions, Local Artists, Artisan Gift Shop

Adirondack Art & Framing
Adirondack Art was established in 1997 by owner Brian Herkel. With a background in fine art, and experience in picture framing, he opened the frame shop and art gallery with an emphasis on regional nature and wildlife art. Originally located in Mapledale Plaza in Barneveld, NY for ten years, the shop was relocated to a larger, custom renovated space at 8211 State Route 12 in 2007. Our yellow lab Maggie joined the staff the same year and is the official greeter most days.

Custom picture framing remains the main focus of our business, producing work for individuals, artists, and commercial clients. We are proud to have been chosen to frame work for Munson Williams Proctor School of Art Gallery, Stanley Theater, View Art Center of Old Forge, the Oneida Indian Nation Education Center, Sculpture Space, the Adirondack League Club, and many other local businesses and organizations.

In addition to picture framing, Adirondack Art also offers a selection of local and regional prints and paintings, books, calendars, stationery items, and pottery and jewelry by local crafters.
Adirondack Art & Framing 8211 State Rt 12 ● Barneveld, NY 13304
219 Genesee St
Chittenango, NY, 13037
Marc Baum
All Things Oz Museum
The All Things Oz Museum is located in downtown Chittenango, NY; the birthplace of author L. Frank Baum who penned "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and 13 more Oz books as well as a host of other writings.

We have about 10,000 pieces in the collection, about 2,000 of which are on display at any time. We have pieces in the collection related to the MGM Film from 1939, the books, and subsequent works based in the OZ universe such as "The Wiz", "After the Wizard" and "Oz: The Great and Powerful".

Come see TWO 1939 MGM film Munchkin actor appearance costumes, the original Emerald City glasses from the 1975 Broadway production of 'The Wiz', original props and costumes from the movies "Ozland, and "After the Wizard", first and second edition Wizard of Oz books, and so much more!

The organization also owns the Baum-Neal House on the near west-side of Syracuse. We acquired the home in the second half of 2015. it is the house where "Wonderful Wizard Of Oz" Author L. Frank Baum met his bride-to-be, Maud Gage. Maud is widely credited with being the person who encouraged Frank to write down his stories.

Additionally, our 100% volunteer, non-profit group also runs the Oz-Stravaganza! festival each year.

We operate Facebook pages, a twitter account, and two websites- www.allthingsoz.org and www.oz-stravaganza.com
All Things Oz Museum 219 Genesee St ● Chittenango, NY 13037
Colleen O'Neil

Tags: classical music, Chamber Music

Alliance Classical Players
The chamber music group of the Rome Concert Band is Alliance Classical Players. The core of the group is a traditional wind octet that makes a priority of performing listener-friendly chamber
music in an inviting and informal setting. Alliance Classical Players makes its home at Rome's beautiful Art and Community Center, presenting engaging concerts for a diverse audience. Concerts are free and open to the public and include classical gems from the likes of Mozart and Beethoven as well as modern works of Jacob, Ewazen and more. 2019 concert offerings include music paired with beer tastings and a tribute to Downton Abbey! This group is clearly "not your average chamber ensemble." Alliance Classical Players' goal is to promote the greatness of chamber music to all listeners by performing at a high level and having fun while doing so.
Colleen O'Neil

Tags: Chamber Music, classical music

Alliance Classical Players (of the RCCB)
Alliance Classical Players is a sub-group of the Rome Community Concert Band (RCCB). Co-founded in 2005 by Romans Kristin Kelly and Colleen O’Neil, the RCCB presented outdoor summer band concerts in Rome from 2006-2013. During the summers of 2014-2016, the RCCB sponsored chamber music concerts at venues including Jervis Library and Rome Art and Community Center. The Alliance Octet, a traditional wind octet consisting of pairs of oboes, clarinets, bassoons and French horns, was a frequent performing group on the summer concerts at Jervis and RACC. Having been enthusiastically received by audiences, and recognizing a need to provide more chamber music concert opportunities in Rome, Alliance Octet has expanded into Alliance Classical Players, utilizing a variety of musicians outside that of the standard octet. Alliance Classical Players has now established a chamber music series, with concerts held at Rome Art and Community Center, to provide high quality, affordable chamber music concert experiences for Romans. The "Classical at the Center" series concerts are held in the rooms of RACC's beautiful mansion, and feature food, drinks and mingling over music meant for an intimate chamber setting. ACP recently began a new opportunity for musical youth titled "Classical Youth Chamber Music Festival," presented over a one-week period in the summer, and designed to encourage teen musicians to play and enjoy chamber music.

Tags: actor, Performing Arts, crafts

Allison Woznica
I am an artist residing in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY. I have a passion for performing arts, whether it be stage or film, in front of or behind the camera. I have been acting since I was a small child, and I have been in productions both in Syracuse, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

I also am a crafty artist, and I enjoy "making a variety of cool things." I sew patchwork designs, make recycled items turning something old into something new, and I make a variety of cork items that are great to give as gifts (or use for myself)!

I am always interested in meeting other local artists, so I am thankful that I came across the website for CNYarts.org

Tags: Painting, Artistic Director, Art Gallery, Ceramics, Murals, Graphics, Fine Arts, Fine Art Landscapes

Amanda Tallcot
Equally good with a fountain pen and a paint brush. An educator by profession, designer by career. A passionate warrior for the people, obsessed with learning, inspiration and expression. An ambitious woman made through the selfless service of society.

I like to share smiles! My works vary from subtle emotions to bold bursts striking outward. It’s in the expressive experience that my works come alive. I find my best inspiration comes from teaching others about art and thus about themselves. The same holds true for me as students of all ages help refine and develop lessons from form & color into fruition of expressive contemporary artworks. My studies have fine tuned my artistic avocation however I’ve been an avid artist and aficionado since early ages.

I make fine art commissions of pet & people portraits as well as create bright bold colorful abstract landscapes. I regularly touch up photos and create original digital designs. More of my services include hosting art events and art instruction as well as consultation.
Dr. Annie Laver

Tags: music competition

American Guild of Organists, Syracuse Chapter
The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ.

The vision of the American Guild of Organists is to engage, support, and uplift every organist.

The Syracuse Chapter accomplishes this through youth outreach programs, concerts, workshops and through the administration of The Arthur Poister Scholarship Competition in Organ Playing.

The Arthur Poister Scholarship Competition celebrates the rich legacy of Arthur Poister through recognition of outstanding young artists in the U.S. and Canada. Since 1975, organists at the collegiate and early professional level have competed in Syracuse, NY. Winners are selected by a panel of judges and awarded prize money and recitals on Syracuse Unversity's Walter Holtkamp Organs, including the famous Holtkamp instrument in the Setnor Auditorium.
Across Borders, No Boundaries:
Discover - Share - Create!

American Rupite’s mission is to connect and empower individuals, businesses and organizations to accomplish shared goals through collaborative partnerships Across Borders and Without Boundaries

© AmericanRupite.com
1075 Comstock Avenue
Syracuse, NY, 13210

Tags: Art Gallery, Group Show, Exhibitions, Syracuse University

Ana Michalowskij
The graduating class of BFA students reflects the wide range of inquiries within the school of art. Students investigate and reflect on topics such as food production, the relationship between nature and memory, and the ritual act of washing one’s hands. All together, the works showcase a depth of research and relationship to material cultivated in an art education at Syracuse University.
Ana Michalowskij 1075 Comstock Avenue ● Syracuse, NY 13210
Ann Sweet
I am a nurse practitioner by career but I have had some training in vocal music and have past experience in theater. I have also done some student films and some work in commercials. I have recently done a national PSA. I have also done an E-learning program for an LPN program in Albany. I can play character roles or professional roles. Age range is 55-65.
Dr. Sherrie Hale
Annual Concert to Benefit AMAUS Health Services at
2019 Event: Enjoy a night of beautiful music, enter for a chance to win a raffle basket and help our community's most vulnerable citizens get the healthcare they need. On April 12 at 7:30 PM, a concert featuring local professional musicians will delight fans of all musical genres- from Broadway to classical piano to arias and bluegrass.

Amaus Health Services provides healthcare to area homeless, uninsured and underinsured, from pediatric care to dental work. All of the staff at Amaus volunteers their time to help our community members in need. Their work is needed now more than ever.

Tags: Poetry, creative writing, Local Writer

Anthony Hines-Tecoy
Have spent most of my life in Syracuse, New York. While attending SUNY@Albany, I had the pleasure of taking a creative writing course with famed author Mark Nepo. While at SUNYA, I developed the manuscript, "But what is Life...Anyway?" In 1992, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and worked in the communications industry. With the need to redefine myself, I found myself interested in the customer service industry, Hotel Management. The transition was a fine one. During many interesting encounters, i found myself rediscovering my writing voice.

Upon returning to Syracuse, I developed a new manuscript, "Thoughts...over a good cup of coffee." This manuscript of poems focused on conversations I would have with my customers/clients at the hotels in Atlanta. The pieces take one on a spiritual journey of their own...even though they are delivered in conversational form.

"Thoughts...over a good cup of coffee" tells a story of love, loss, despair, and my spiritual journey to find my true self.

Tags: Jazz

Anthony Joseph
Anthony Joseph leads The Anthony Joseph Swingtet which has become especially popular among jazz enthusiasts who appreciate the refreshing new energy that the group brings to various classic jazz standards and ballads that have stood the test of time.

The group provides the listener with a ‘swingin’ sound that is smooth, sweet, and in the groove. Usually performing as a small combo (trio, quartet or quintet), the group has been described as providing a ‘chamber music-like jazz setting, creating a pleasant atmosphere that is comfortable for the listener to enjoy the music. It is also quite obvious that the band genuinely enjoys performing and will naturally develop a friendly rapport with their audience. Whether it is for casual dining, jazz happy hour, or a private gathering, you will be pleased to have the Anthony Joseph ‘Swingtet’ as part of your entertainment package.

The Swingtet’s 2007 cd was recorded as a trio and received a 2008 SAMMY Award nomination. The complete program includes selections from the Great American Songbook that were made popular by some of the most famous jazz composers and performers including George Gershwin, Benny Goodman, Harold Arlen, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, and Syracuse native Jimmy Van Heusen.

Performing in and around central New York, the Anthony Joseph Swingtet features as its primary members:

Anthony Joseph, clarinet & vocals (Oswego, NY)
Bill Palange, trombone (Oswego, NY)
Joe Ferlo, guitar (Rome, NY)
Mike Solazzo, acoustic bass (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Jimmy Johns, drums (Syracuse, NY)

Tags: horror movies, Set Construction

Antoine McKnight
Antoine McKnight was born on October 2, 1983 in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. He is a composer and writer, known for Everto (2015), Come Home (2017) and Recess (2010). He has Directed 1 feature and several shorts. Antoine has also worked as an Art and Set P.A. on several projects including Pottersville (2017) and film adaptation of "We the animals (2018)"

Tags: fiber art, tapestry, weaving

Antony Galbraith
My artwork explores the natural world, spirituality and myth, while seeking to remove the artificial barrier we have created to separate us from nature. It is my goal to create artwork that celebrates the myriad of life forms that have the right to exist with dignity on earth. At the same time, I intend that my art will help shift our world view to one that sees nature as an integral part of our daily life and well-being.

I was born in Rhode Island, grew up in Vermont and currently reside in New York state at the foothills of the Adirondacks. I think of myself as student of nature and spirit. As a child I was fascinated by birds, animals and the natural world. Much of my youth was spent drawing, painting and exploring nature. After I took Buddhist precepts in 2002, my focus on art intensified and as a result became more spiritual in nature. I was given the dharma name DoAn (pronounced Doe-Ahn), which means “Way of Peace” and I use DoAn Art in connection to my creative work in honor of the influence and foundation that my Buddhist background gave to my work.

I make art as a way of exploring what I have learned about spirit and the natural world. Fiber art and painting are my primary creative forms, but I also write, knit, spin yarn and garden. I strive, in creating my work, to include materials that are environmentally friendly and come from sustainable sources. I share a studio space with my Chihuahua Lian Xin (Lotus Heart) who paints on occasion.
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