CNY Arts, Inc.


Onondaga County Arts Agency Funding Tiers

All agencies must meet the following criteria to qualify for either Tier Three Operating Support or Onondaga County - General Operating Support:

  • Arts and culture is a part of agency mission or represents a significant portion of agency activities
  • Have capacity to report on financial status and attendance on an annual basis or upon request 
  • Have principal office in Onondaga County 
  • Conduct the majority of its activities in New York State and primarily benefit residents of Onondaga County 
  • Are designated as 501(c)3 
  • Have capacity to utilize funds within the grant year. 
  • Have non-discrimination policy in effect Must operate in accordance with guidelines for Onondaga County agencies, New York State non- profit agencies, and 501(c)3 agencies 

Learn more about our funding tier criteria here.