CNY Arts, Inc.


Scoring Criteria

Demonstration of Negative Economic Impact & Potential Benefit of Grant (10 points)

  • Severity of loss as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Jobs or Artist Employment Opportunities Lost
  • Financial Loss
  • Previous federal support
  • Qualified Census Tracts (QCTs)

Creative Works of the Applicant or Creativity of Project (5 points)

  • Quality of past artistic programming or artistic services
  • Creative merit of the proposed artistic project
  • Originality, innovation, and relevance of artistic programming or artistic services

Assessment of IDEA Efforts & Applicant's Service to the Public (5 points)

  • Engagement with historically excluded communities
  • Consideration of community needs and interests
  • Collaboration with other local organizations, artists, and businesses

Financial & Managerial Aptitude of Applicant or Feasibility of Project (5 points)

  • Demonstrated ability to implement projects
  • Realistic budgets and achievable goals
  • Financial review