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Dasher's Magical Gift

Dasher's Magical Gift

Thank you to everyone who joined us for
our Dasher's Magical Gift live presentation on December 10!

This year's show was filmed by WCNY.
So, if you missed it, you still have a chance to see the show--
or see it again!


Monday, Dec. 19, at 2pm
Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 8pm 
Saturday, Dec. 24, at 10 am

You can also stream Dasher's Magical Gift
from the WCNY website any time through Sunday, Jan. 1!


This one-hour, narrated ballet introduces young children to dance, live theater,
and classical music through a heart-warming holiday story.
Dasher's Magical Gift is a Central New York holiday tradition for the whole family!



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Dasher's Magical Gift is an ALL-LOCAL original holiday show commissioned by CNY Arts.

It is performed by students from Dance Centre North, directed and choreographed by Larry Crabtreewritten by Matt Chiorini, and costumed by Lindsey Quay Voorhees and Catherine Kingsley 

Dasher's Story

It's a few days before the big day. Everyone in Santa's workshop is buzzing with excitement about the biggest Christmas ever! Presents are being made, Santa is checking his list, and the reindeer are getting ready for the big flight. Plus, with more kids on the Nice List than ever before, Santa has announced that he is going to choose an extra reindeer to help pull the sleigh. But the biggest excitement of all is the arrival of Dasher, leader of Santa’s sleigh team and fastest of them all! Everyone is excited to see him and no one more so than his number one reindeer fan, Peppermint (her friends call her Pepper), who is hoping to get his autograph.

Unfortunately, Dasher has a secret problem. It seems that amidst all of the glamour of being a holiday celebrity, Dasher has lost his ability to fly! As Christmas approaches and everyone is counting on him to lead the way, it seems that he doesn't have enough Christmas spirit to guide the sleigh. It looks like Christmas may be canceled, but with the help of Pepper and a couple of very lost penguins, Dasher will remember what the holiday season is all about and the Spirit of Christmas will prevail.

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